How to have an influence

The organization of the municipality is large and complicated, but it is possible to have an influence. This is how it works.

The municipal organization has two structures; one with politicians and one with officials. The principle is that the politicians choose direction within the framework established by the state. Furthermore, the economy and a lot of other things affect the acting space of the municipal politicians.

Officials working at the different departments produce material and make suggestions for reforms. They are also supposed to make sure that the decisions of the politicians are being realized.

As a citizen of the municipality, you choose every four years which party to represent you in the city council. But also between elections you can have an influence. The municipality consists of us citizens of Luleå and we are all part of the development. 

Direct contact

The politicians of the municipality are happy to receive thoughts and ideas from their electors. A member of the city council can write motions or ask questions in the city council. You can also directly address a department.

Make comments on the web

Under the title Kommun & politik at you can make suggestions and give your thoughts about the service. Here you can also find the municipal diary, protocols and other useful information.

Submit a citizen proposal

If you are registered in Luleå you can submit a citizen proposal to the city council. Even if you are under 18 you have the right to submit a proposal.


When community plans like local plans and plans for the future are being displayed, the public is invited to express their opinion. Parties that are directly concerned by a proposal should receive a special invitation for consultation. The consultations can be held in various forms.

Civil dialogue

Luleå kommun wants to increase the social participation. In order for this to happen, more and more civil dialogues in various topics are being held, where you can express your opinion and discuss with politicians and officials.

Appeal against a decision

If you are not satisfied with a decision you can appeal against it. There are two kinds: legality examination and administrative appeal. All citizens of the municipality have the right to have the legality of a municipality decision tried.

Rouse public opinion

Your opinion is important. The more people that share the same opinion and let it show, the more emphasis is given to the matter. There are many traditional methods: letters to the press, detailed debate articles, petitions, interest groups etcetera, but also new ones through social media.

This page was last updated 23 January 2023