Recreations and sports

Luleå is a great city of sports. Among a great number of active clubs and associations covering all kinds of sports you will find several elite teams in ice hockey and basketball. 
The City of Luleå also offers its inhabitants and visitors great possibilities for an active leisure time. Here you will find fantastic nature just around the corner, for example in the Luleå archipelago and Råne River Valley, and plenty of sports- and leisure facilities where all sorts of activities can be practiced. 
Within the municipality you will find several public baths, sports auditoriums and gymnasiums, athletic fields, motor sports facilities, riding centres, cross-country skiing and running tracks, shooting ranges and much more.

Public baths

There are three public baths in Luleå. All of them offer facilities for swimming, sun bathing (solariums) and training (gyms). With the exception of the public bath in Råneå they all offer the possibility to have a cup or coffee or a small bite to eat. Swim school for children is offered several times per year at all public baths. Please contact respective bath for more information.

Sports and leisure facilities

If you are interested in hiring any kind of sports- or leisure facility to practice your sport or activity of interest you should contact the department for association service (Lokalbokningen). 
Lokalbokningen is responsible for all external hiring of the municipality´s sports and leisure facilities. They can also provide information regarding facilities that are not owned by the municipality and where to turn if you want to know where you can exercise the particular sport or activity of your interest. 

You are most welcome with your questions!

Luleå archipelago

Enjoy the archipelago's outstanding natural beauty, discover it's exciting cultural history and meet the friendly inhabitants.

Relax in secluded spots, take a trip on your own sailing boat or hop on one of the ferries plying between the islands. There are also a number of small tourist enterprises in the Archipelago and their staff are just waiting to make your visit a really special one.

Anchors aweigh!


Sweden is the Promised Land of associations, and this is certainly evident in Luleå. Over 550 associations are registered at Luleå Municipal Recreation Department. Luleå has a rich and lively flora of associations.
Are you interested in contacting a particular association in Luleå; do you want to start some activity and are wondering whether there is an association for it, or perhaps you want to start an association yourself? Just get in touch with our Association Officer at the Association Services in the Recreation Department (Fritidsförvaltningen). Here you can find out the contact details of the associations in Luleå and you can also get hints and advice about how to start a new association, how to apply for part-funding for the association etc.

This page was last updated 7 December 2023