Familjerådgivning (engelska/english)

If you need support in your close relationship

Family counselling works with cohabitation issues, often in couple relationships. Everyone can experience problems in their close relationships. All are welcome - regardless of whether you live by yourself or with your partner and whether or not there are children in your home. For example, Family Counselling conversations can help with communication, conflict management, relationship crises, separation, and issues surrounding intimacy and sexuality.

We have a duty of confidentiality and do not keep client records. You can choose to remain anonymous when using Family Counselling services.

Contact us:

Telephone number: 0920-45 43 90

Please note that if we try to contact you, we will call from a hidden number. Contact Luleå Municipality’s Customer Service Centre: 0920-45 30 00

E-mail: familjeradgivningen@lulea.se.

Don’t forget to provide information about how we can reach you and be mindful that you should not provide sensitive information via e-mail. If there is violence in your relationship, please say so when you contact us. In that case, you will initially be offered individual counselling, followed by couples counselling if it is considered appropriate for you and your partner.

This page was last updated 24 February 2023